Interview with David Hanson (Labour MP for Delyn – North Wales)

I have been in contact with many MPs from all over the country to see who would answer a couple of questions for my blog. When David Hanson, who has been the MP in Delyn since 1992, agreed to answer some questions I was very interested to hear the reasons why he decided to join the party, and also his views on how Labour can become a stronger force in the future. Mr Hanson was the Minister of State for Security under Gordon Brown’s government from 2009-2010.

  • How important is it that young people take an interest in politics?

“It’s very important young people get involved – they are the future of political life and also have issues of concern to them.”

  • Why did you decide to join The Labour Party?

“I joined Labour as I believed, and still do, in equality of life chances, social justice and fairness at work and because when I was younger the whole environment around me, my family, our next door neighbours were all involved in those values.”

  • Why should more young people support The Labour Party?

“Young people have to make a choice but I hope they will look at what Labour values are and help mould them to today’s issues.”

  • What do Labour have to do to win the next election?

“Having just had the election we need to reassess how we appeal – it’s a difficult task as we have to win back Scotland, appeal to traditional voters and to the areas in the south we need to win.”

  • Who is the right candidate to lead Labour forward?

“I’m voting for Yvette Cooper as I believe she can undertake the tasks outlined in the previous question.”

David Hanson


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