Interview with Ian Lucas (Labour MP for Wrexham)

I have been in touch with a lot of Labour MPs up and down the country discussing who they think is the right person to lead The Labour Party and who is the most likely to win the next General Election. Here, I interviewed the Labour MP for Wrexham in Wales, Mr Ian Lucas. Mr Lucas has been the MP for Wrexham since 2001.

  • How important is it that young people take an interest in politics?

“It is incredibly important as their future is longer than mine and we must inspire the next generation to get involved in the way our country is run and make it better.”

  • Why did you decide to join The Labour Party?

“I was living under the unequal society that Margaret Thatcher had created and I knew that joining the Labour Party would help get the Tories out of government and create a fairer country.”

  • Why do you think young people should join The Labour Party?

“They should join the Labour Party because we must build a more equal society. Young people are the future, have the ideas and must carry this message across.”

  • What do you think Labour have to do to win the next General Election?

“We must convince people that we offer a clear alternative to the Conservatives and the only way to get them out of government is to vote for Labour.”

  • Who are you backing for Labour leadership and why?

“I am backing Andy Burnham for Labour leadership as I believe he has the ideas and the ability to communicate that we need to win.”

Ian Lucas


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