UPDATE: Meeting Andy Burnham MP and Peter Dowd MP

I have not been posting my interviews frequently recently, but here’s an update about what I have been up to:

Meeting Andy Burnham

Last weekend I had the privilege of watching Andy Burnham speak at his Q&A session in St Helens. This event confirmed to me that I had backed the right person for Labour leadership. Mr Burnham was fluent and clear in his answers and didn’t dodge a single question (something which is very rare in politics.) After the questions, I managed to have a quick chat with him about Everton, my blog and his policy about fan-ownership of football clubs. You can view my interview with Andy Burnham by clicking here.

Myself with Andy Burnham
Myself with Andy Burnham


Meeting with Peter Dowd MP

Following my successful interview with Mr Dowd (Labour MP for Liverpool Bootle) in late July, I was invited back into his office to discuss how more young people can become involved in politics. I invited my friends Ged, Rob and Harriet, my brother Matt and my cousin Olly to attend too. The meeting was very productive and we discussed various ways in which young people can become more engaged including things like social media, events in school and visits to Parliament. You can see my interview with Peter Dowd by clicking here.




Student Voices Magazine

Since I began my blog I have been part of Student Voices, an online website featuring political articles from students all around the country. I was agreed that some of my articles could feature in a new print magazine that will be coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that! You can check out the Student Voices website by clicking here.

Updating my blog

So far on Next Ballot Box I have only been publishing my completed interviews. From now on I have decided that I will be writing my opinion on some stories (when I can!) as well as some other things which I have planned. Keep an eye out for that!


If you would like me to interview your MP or any other politician then please leave me an email via the “contact” section of my blog. I am always open to requests!

And finally…

Thank you so much to everyone who has read, supported and followed my blog since it began. I really appreciate all of your support and kind comments and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts!


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