POLL: Trident – renew it or scrap it?

It’s one of the most talked about topics in politics at the moment, but what is it all about? Here are some of the pros and cons of the nuclear deterrent programme based in Scotland. After this, there is also the opportunity to vote in my blog’s very first poll which will be interesting to see the results for


  • It stops other countries from attacking the UK
  • It would keep the country safe if war is ever declared
  • It creates many jobs for the people who work on the site


  • It costs a lot of money which could be spent elsewhere
  • It is unnecessary since it is never used
  • Nuclear weapons are morally wrong



9 thoughts on “POLL: Trident – renew it or scrap it?

  1. Don’t think much of your pros or cons list – here’s a more comprehensive list

    If used, the nuclear weapons carried by just one Trident submarine could cause such huge climatic disruption that global food supplies would be at risk and the survival of human civilisation itself would be threatened.

    If used, the nuclear weapons carried by just one Trident submarine could directly cause more than 10 million civilian casualties.

    Intentional use of the UK’s nuclear weapons would therefore be both genocidal and suicidal.

    The probability of unintentional use of the UK’s nuclear weapons – whether through accident or miscalculation during a crisis – is not negligible. The UK’s round-the-clock nuclear patrols – and the desire to continue these indefinitely – add significantly to this risk.

    Whilst there is widespread agreement that other weapons of mass destruction such as chemical weapons are completely unacceptable and are therefore banned by international treaties, the nuclear armed states continue to argue to case for the nuclear weapons that they possess but oppose any other state acquiring them. A large number of non-nuclear armed states have now pledged to make nuclear weapons illegal and plan to commence a new treaty process to bring this about.

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      1. The jobs argument is really insignificant, especially compared to the costs involved. Don’t get sidetracked by that one. Think rather of the number of NHS jobs that could be created by the same investment. Trident is the enemy of jobs,

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    1. If there is one thing I cannot abide it is people who do nothing themselves, then criticise the efforts of others. Since you claim to know so much on the subject, where is your poll? Post a link to your efforts to raise this issue and get a concensus of opinion.

      Of course we already know you can’t because you have not done one. In future, if you have nothing useful to say, please refrain from saying anything at all.


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