POLL: Austerity – continue it or stop it?

After the huge success of last week’s poll about the Trident nuclear deterrent system, I decided to start a new poll about another topic which is frequently in the news- austerity. If you unsure of the pros and cons, I have listed them below. Once you have decided, you are able to vote in the poll at the bottom of the page

Pros (For Austerity)

  • It allows the budget deficit to be lowered
  • The country won’t go bankrupt
  • The government wouldn’t be spending money that they don’t actually have

Cons (Against Austerity)

  • Most people would struggle financially
  • Public services would receive less funding
  • It would lead to an increase of poverty

Demonstrators hold placards before the start of a protest march, on the embankment, in central London October 20, 2012. Thousands of anti-austerity protesters marched in London on Saturday to protest against public spending cuts enacted by a government fighting off accusations that it is run by an upper-class elite that ignores the plight of recession-hit voters. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett (BRITAIN - Tags: BUSINESS POLITICS EMPLOYMENT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)


6 thoughts on “POLL: Austerity – continue it or stop it?

  1. It allows the budget deficit to be lowered ???

    The budget deficit is the current account difference between spending and tax revenues in any particular year. It is not the same as debt.

    The country won’t go bankrupt ???

    The money is ours – who makes us bankrupt? You could argue that we (people/taxpayers) are bailing out a bankrupt system that has been run into the ground by profligates. We are in charge of our own money and what it is worth.

    The government wouldn’t be spending money that they don’t actually have ???

    Link it to assets. Did we actually have the money to bail out Lloyds or Barclays?
    “The scale of the support currently provided to UK banks has fallen from a peak of £955bn to £512bn, but the amount of cash currently borrowed by the government to support banks has risen by £7bn [to a total of £124bn] since December 2009.” National Audit office

    We certainly don’t have this money anymore. It is currently administered by bank directors.

    It is misguided to think of a nation’s accounts like that of a corner shop. If you never ran a personal current account deficit you would never buy a house or pay for your child’s university education for example. The entire global economy depends on investment in the future.

    Or you can have Austerity: We all stop spending and sit on the piles of cash while people starve and lives are blighted.


  2. Can’t believe people are so against this Tory government. In an ideal world I would say no to austerity but we don’t live in that and Jeremy Corbyn is a delusion old cow.


  3. all austerity is target the low paid sick disabled & vulnerable , if cam`moron meant we are all in it together they would not have accepted a 10% pay rise when workers have not had one in 5 years


  4. how can corbyn be a cow a cow is female & he is male , so you agree with service men & women being homeless whilst we send billions abroad in so called aid to countries that have space programmes . & i take it you agree stopping peoples money for months at a time just for being 5 mins late for an appointment when you rely on public transport or have to walk because you are skint , you agree the disabled having their money stopped by people with no medical training for the job they are doing .you want to be cxarefull disability can strike at anytime the same as unemployment


  5. The polls pros of Austerity are wrong.
    Austerity is purely an ideological attack on the state, welfare state to create a much larger much poorer pool of cheap flexible (desperate) labour for the Capitalist Ruling Class to exploit and abuse. The rich to get richer by making the many more poor poorer.
    It’s universally excepted by all free thinking economists that in a recession or depression the government stimulates and primes the pump of the economy by spending on infrastructure etc: thus tax revenues rise and pay off the deficit much quicker. Austerity cuts economic activity thus tax revenues fall and the deficit gets bigger, which is exactly what has happened. Plus all the unnecessary misery and suffering it causes.


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