POLL: Fracking – should it be banned?

Fracking is one of the most controversial issues in politics and there are two clear sides to the argument. Find out the pros and cons of drilling for shale gas and then cast your vote in the poll below.

Pros (For Fracking)

  • Gas can be extracted
  • Provides jobs
  • Can lead to cheaper energy

Cons (Against Fracking)

  • Water and air can be polluted
  • Can be harmful to people’s health
  • Noise pollution for local residents



8 thoughts on “POLL: Fracking – should it be banned?

  1. This is one topic I am undecided on, I am sure there are more pro’s and con’s. I will have to do more research and find out the truth. My main concern would be the health aspect. but also I have a feeling that cheaper fuel will not happen unless strictly controlled by the government

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  2. A point you don’t mention but which is incredibly important is that we, as a community living on this planet, cannot afford to burn all the fossil fuels which are available on this planet.

    We are already set for at least 2 degrees warming, even if we switch to renewables right now, which will be very damaging but survivable.

    But burning the fossil fuels released by fracking will put us over 4 – 6 degrees, the upper end of which will effectively end agriculture on earth.

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  3. Fracking should certainly be banned. We need to stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible if we have any hope of preventing catastrophic environmental changes in the near future. In addition, there are of course the more localised pollution (noise from the drilling, air from the increased traffic to and from the site, water if there are any leaks, which is quite likely given that explosives are used in the fracturing process) and environmental damages, which should be reason enough on their own. Fracking has also been linked to earthquakes. Re ‘cheap energy’, wind power has recently been shown to be the cheapest form of energy – investing in this would create jobs and be far more environmentally sound, as well as providing long term energy supplies rather than a short-term fix.

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  4. I’ve read pertinent data from the states that proves, in the long term, that earth fracturing for shale gas is a short get rich quick solution to a long term enery crisis.
    Fracturing is also damaging to the local water table, which, in turn has an impact upon the food we eat as the poisioned water seeps back into the soil.
    There is also substantial data that links earth tremors to shale gas sites.
    But don’t take my word for it.
    Look at the data collected via the United States and the review report written for the department of the environment.

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