POLL: The House of Lords – Should we keep it or scrap it?

The House of Lords is the upper house in the British Parliament, but is it really necessary? Many feel it is undemocratic whilst others believe it is vital in blocking laws. Read the pros and cons and then cast your vote below


  • The house is full of expertise
  • They can block laws if they disagree with the government
  • Usually vote with public opinion


  • Lords are not elected by the public
  • Some Lords claim their expenses and don’t fully engage with the political process
  • No fixed terms – Lords sit for life



3 thoughts on “POLL: The House of Lords – Should we keep it or scrap it?

  1. Given that this week the Tory government has demanded that the House of Lords allow the removal of Tax credits as part of George Osbourne’s austerity drive. the indications were that the Lords would vote against the government. But Pm has told them he will either flood the Lords with more Tory Peers or scrap it. CI my opinion, the whole UK government system should be scrapped and a modern parliament restructured in it’s place

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  2. The problem is that the HoL has just demonstrated that it has not got the bottle to block unjust and unfair new law that it technically HAS got the power to block. So what use is it? Or is it still (only just) better than nothing?


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