FUNNY FRIDAY: Aguero’s Selfie with Xi Jinping and David Cameron

I have decided to have a new part of the blog called “Funny Friday.” Every Friday I will choose a funny political-related photo and readers of the blog will attempt to come up with suggestions for a funny caption. The funniest suggestions will feature on the blog! There is also the opportunity to add your own suggestions by commenting on the post (please keep it clean!)

This week marked the state visit of Xi Jinping, the President of China, to the UK. Today he visited Manchester and took a selfie with the Prime Minister David Cameron and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero.

My favourite caption was by Angelo. His caption was: “Aguero suffers a selfie-inflicted injury.” I have posted more of my favourite captions below.

Aguero selfie

  • “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…” (Tarquin)
  • “Cameron posing with his favourite Villa players” (Richard)
  • “We can sell him to you, for a good price.” (Neil)
  • David: “Don’t forget me, forget me, I also want to be popular.” (Liam)
  • “Two inspirational men and David.” (Alise)
  • Aguero: “Look mate, I don’t care who you say you are, I only want a photo with the Chinese Leader.” (John)
  • Cameron (to Aguero): “While I’m giving Britain away, you lot still interested in the Falklands?” (Colin)
  • Xi: “David, you said we were meeting the best striker in England”
    David: “Yes, that’s right”
    Xi: “He does not look like Wayne Rooney” 
  • “And Man City are steel conservative around the pitch” (Tom)
  • David: “Keep earning a lot of money please. I like my taxes off you” (Chris)
  • “When I said to my mate ‘PM me and we’ll go for a Chinese after training,’ this was not what I meant!” (Simon)
  • “When he gets back to China, everyone’s gonna ask ‘Who’s that prat on the right?'” (Wilkins)
  • “David – what are you doing?” (Wiktor)
  • “There’s always someone to spoil the photo..” (Rachel)
  • “All 3 are just here for the money” (Ben)
  • “Take another selfie – we must try to look as human as possible – because if they realise we need to eat human flesh to stabilise our DNA the elite will be over” (Jane)
  • Xi: “See, I can buy any number 10 I like.” (Ian)
  • David: “Man City, if you’re interested I could get you a good deal and we’ll throw in HS2 and a couple of power stations.” (Wilkins)

And, as expected, there were quite a few pig-related captions…

  • “A pig’s eye view” (Neil)
  • “Bring home the bacon Davey” (William)
  • “3 filthy rich pigs! But only one pig abuser!!!!?” (From Michael)
  • “Three Little Pigs” (Maxim)
  • “Bacon sandwich or sweet and sour chicken?” (Terry)

Come back next week for the second edition of “Funny Friday” !


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