POLL: What should be England’s National Anthem?

Are you a fan of the current national anthem, or do you believe it is time for a change? Listen to the choices and have your say in the poll below!



18 thoughts on “POLL: What should be England’s National Anthem?

  1. An English nation anthem should be like the country’s people: inclusive, fair-minded and tolerant. Most of the above choices are religious and/or nationalistic and outdated; quite at variance with what is best about us as a people. I suggest a competition and for everyone to vote on the words and then another for the music to which they are set.

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  2. Three Lions by the Lightning seeds. If you don’t agree, try singing a couple of bars of the chorus in any crowd. I was at a Kiss gig once, and they finished with the national anthem as they had all around the world. They were mystified by the stoney silence God Save The Queen elicited from the UK audience, till the crowd took over and started chanting 3 Lions instead.


  3. “Jerusalem” for England, “Land of Hope and Glory” for the UK (if it still exists) and “God Save the Queen/King” if the monarch is present (if the monarchy still exists) but not otherwise.


  4. Not sure patriotism is healthy, so view ‘national’ anthems iffy. But for a ‘world’ of ‘humanity’s anthem – far better idea imho – how about John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’?


  5. A national anthem is for something that best represents the people of that country from their history or heritage. A national anthem aka should represent the country also. Therefore Jerusalem for England works and land of hope and glory of rule britainia for the uk. God save the queen is depressing and not upbeat to sing to even though I’m a royalist I say get rid of the old anthem. Also John red flag represents socialism so is the best song for a socialist government/ country so not our country

    Patriotism is good as it’s the only way to keep your identity of your country and its heritage alive

    Rule britainia and forever shall there be an England to defend


    1. Not easy to find a ‘national identity these days…
      Our Royals are of German descent, (indeed our existing Anthem was written with a ‘German George’ on the throne), our lekkie comes from France, our power stations & most of what we have comes from China, a favourite food from India, our cars from Japan, France, Germany, our popular music from Afro-Caribbean roots, our footie players from anywhere but home turf etc.
      Also, so called ‘British values have evaporated: queuing, fair play, innocent till proved guilty, noblesse oblige… When PM John Major called us back to basics it soon fell over.
      I think we have to admit we have – or rather – have been – moved on from a national panorama to an international one. Can’t put clock back; long time since Britannia ruled anything…
      I think the end of the era came with Queen Mother’s death..


  6. Are only the English British? I get confused sometimes as to who is supposed to be British. However Rule Britainia might be more apt.


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