My Thoughts: Tribute to 13/11/15

What happened on Friday 13th November is truly unspeakable. It is devastating to think that a minority of extremists would want to cause harm and distress to many, many people across the world.

Innocent people were killed in Paris- their lives taken so soon, and so selfishly. Some were in the National Stadium, watching their beloved national team win 2-0 against the world champions Germany. Some were at a metal concert, not too far away, and some were in the town centre before the devastating events took place. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of those affected.

But Paris was not the only place to have suffered devastation. In Beirut and Baghdad, bombings took place, whilst there were earthquakes in Japan and Mexico. My thoughts are with the victims and families of these unimaginable events as well. Let us not forget them. 

However, all over the world there is poverty and terror, happening every single day. Let us remember all people around the world who are suffering.

Let’s work together by participating in the political process and then we can finally aim to build a better, more peaceful world to live in.  


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