UPDATE: Register to vote and join a political party

Register to vote

It is very important to register to vote because if you don’t you will lose your voice in the political process. Anyone who is 16 or over can apply to be on the electoral roll, and anyone who is 18 or over can vote. I registered to vote a couple of weeks ago. It is fast and easy and can be completed online here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Join a political party

Another important thing to do is to join a political party that represents your beliefs and values. I joined The Labour Party in March last year and it only costs £1 a year for membership up until the age of 19. Anyone who is 14 or over can join The Labour Party for just £1 a year on this link: https://join.labour.org.uk

As a member, I was able to vote in the Labour leadership election, receive news and updates about the party and the area, and attend special events such as the Andy Burnham Q&A session in August.

If you choose to join a different party, the membership fee will still be nominal and you will be able to sign up on that party’s website.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch



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