POLL: David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn?

They are the biggest rivals in British politics, but who is the better politician? Have your say in the poll below!

corbyn and cameron


21 thoughts on “POLL: David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn?

  1. Such an unfair comparison ….
    Ca-moron has been in the spotlight as a leader for so many years now …. And to me and the majority of the people of Great Britain … A complete liar and a waste of time …. He is more of a Tyrant/Dictator ….. He has walked all over the people of this once Great Nation … He has no respect for our Armed Forces nor for the ill and needy the aged of our Country and the Safety of our Country …. He has no Back Bone when it comes to telling the EU Where to stick their politics …. He is a Devious and Dangerous individual …. In short … He has more faces than BIG BEN
    On Jeremy Corbyn ….. What can I say !! …. As I’m not at all interested in politics …. I can honestly say That until he became leader of the Labour Party I had never heard of him …. As a person He seems to be a quiet reserved man I don’t agree with some of what he advocates But there again would anyone agree with anything any MP SAYS ….. I suppose only time will tell …. But as for me … It has to be Corbyn

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  2. As a career politician, David Cameron fits the bill perfectly. He is a caricature of the despicable despot in it for himself and his paymasters. Unfortunately for the majority of British citizens he is our p.m. Is he really going to take Britain into war again? If he can he will, Britain needs a man like Corbyn more than ever. If western countries stopped arming then attacking other countries we wouldn’t be a target.

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    1. Oh yeah so we should just let terrorists run riot and kill innocent people. Do you even watch the news? Oh yes, beheadings including the death of someone around 10 miles away from me. To add what is not arming going to do to stop terrorists? Please explain!


      1. its cameron & the CIA arming them & RUNNING FALSE FLAG OPS with sly news in tow for that perfect cam shot STINKS of faLSE FLAG


      2. Sending in the troops did not help in Ireland, it made it worse. Addressing the underlying grievances is what made the situation better.


      3. When people attack your country (Britain you/Syria them) and you leaders start painting the enemy in black and calling them(ISIS for you/ WESTERNERS for them) evil that makes you (them) angry at them. Then your leaders will start inciting to fight and kill them (ISIS for you/ Westerners for them) and you will feel justified at wanting to kill them. Then the justification for war is made and all out attacks can happen as order by your leaders (British government for you/Jihadists them). As evil as you think they are, they the arabs of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria think we in the west are. Ask yourself, how many arabs have died in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hands of the West? Then ask yourself if these people are not angry? Ask yourself if killing more Arabs will increase or decrease anger at the West?


    2. Living overseas i looked at Corbyn’s record and he is even worse than Cameron, Corbyn pushed to cut back on the army ,power stations and the police he voted against 2 out of 5 items his party voted on,,O and he voted to allow all immigrants in to the UK.


      1. You see those things as negatives? How odd.

        (also you say you’re living overseas but are apparently against immigration, so I’ll amend that to odd and hypocritical)


  3. The first 5 Years of David Camerons Government Were marked by a persecution of the Poor the weak and the Vulnerable and it continues and gets worse for these groups. When George Osbourne said he supported the hard working Strivers during his 5 years in Office in my Opinion he always had plans to punish those who were on Tax Credits his stated aim is to demolish all of the good things in this Country which many people have fought and died for Cameron is trying to drag us back to Dickens times of the Workhouse. His blatant lie before the Election when he said he would not cut Tax Credits won him the Election if he had been honest about his intentions the Conservatives would not have won the Election. Which was proved by the Poll after loosing the House of Lords Vote that 70 Tory seats were Vulnerable His enthusiasm for Bombing Syria reminds me of the Worst of Tony Blair before the Iraq War. If he had won the last vote to Bomb Assads Syria then he would have been helping Isis. I just feel robed by a Liar of the highest order. The Tory Mps who stopped this Countries Carers from being exempt from Hospital parking Charges typifies the Modern Nasty Uncaring Tory Party.


    1. This is a completely empty view. Tony Blair sent ground troops to fight in Iraq. These are just air strikes. Could you please reply on how bombing Syria is helping Isis as they wont be bombing Assad but Isis targets so as usual typical left wing views with half the story.


      1. Half the story??

        Interesting that people think that it will end with air strikes but let’s just consider recent history, the Gulf War ended up with us having to contend with Al Quaeda, so we had Afghanistan which ended up with us having to contend with IS/ISIS/ISIL or whatever the hell they are calling themselves today. What makes you think that air strikes against a fluid and very elusive enemy will solve the problem? Third time lucky??

        The people who make these decisions and make the massive profits aren’t paying the price, we are. In this case innocent people just having a drink or enjoying a concert while the politicians sit safe behind armoured doors.

        Don’t be fooled into thinking that by committing to air strikes they’re doing it for our benefit, or that it will end there.

        You’d think that fighting the IRA for decades taught the UK gov’t something about guerilla warfare…. No matter how many bullets we used, there was always another sucker willing to fall for the hype and attack innocents in the name of whatever their cause was so great idea, let’s have some more war and see where it takes us.

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  4. david cameron and the tories have destroyed this country and the people living here. they have doubled the national debt more than any labour government in history within 5 years… they have killed thousands through sick and disability cuts, they have not helped the NHS one bit, not built houses, what the hell have this tory government done??????


  5. It depends what you mean.

    If you mean who is best at being a conniving, insincere, buck-passing, many-faced, reality-distorting slippery weasle who only cares about power and doesn’t give a damn about the average man or woman on the street, then Cameron, hands down.

    If you mean who do I have more respect for, then Corbyn, hands down.


  6. Who cares? The tories are the party which taught us how to free ourselves of bullshit, and that the sea of commerce means nothing once on the land. They are all just entertainment and you just need to socialise to see that people are trading and supporting each other to the point where the news is a different world… a plastic shell trying to lure the dumb fish out of there support. We have left this all behind, just watching the last scrap fight and enjoying every second of their desperate plead to fear and insecurity. Goodbye posh injustice we have had it so hard that we just take care of each other now. Your lure is not more than a shiny Christmas card from a bully we once knew.


  7. I can’t believe what a hideous bunch of Cameron hating Corbyn loving people there are on this page. Wake up smell the coffee nobody apart from a deluded bunch of self righteous, Queen and Country hating losers think that Corbyn has a cat in Hells chance of becoming Prime Minister. The man is an idiot and a fool, who has no idea how to run his own life – getting dressed smartly, doing the best for his children, let alone run the country. How you all don’t have high blood pressure when you are so angry at all the people who have worked harder than you and have more money than you and made better choices than you on how to provide for their families, is odd.


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