POLL: Should the UK use military action on ISIS?

It’s been the main news story for a while now, but should the UK join other countries like France in taking military action to tackle terrorism, or is violence not the answer? Have your say on the poll below:



9 thoughts on “POLL: Should the UK use military action on ISIS?

  1. It didn’t work in Iraq or Afghanistan. We bombed ourselves into recessions in which thousands of our nationals died (from benefit cuts, to those killed in action). Bombs build hate. 10 years of bombing Iraq made ISIS and our recessions. What will another 10 years of bombing Syria create? Better security plans exist. Why not try one of those?

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  2. It’s the wrong question: It already is, in Iraq. The question should really be ‘Should the UK use military action against ISIS in whatever country they choose without first obtaining the consent of that country’s rulers, the UN and the British people?’


  3. To do nothing is to surrender. To drop bombs from the sky easily affects the innocents close by, only by boots on the ground can be the answer but only as a very broad coalition. at least we wont be deliberately targeting the innocent unlike ISIS.


  4. Perfect timing to show the world britain acknowleges and learns from its mistakes. Britain can’t outdo the us france russia turkey etc let them do it. Bombing created and brought isis to our doorstep just over the channel.


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