POLL: Does the UK voting system need reforming?

There is strong evidence to show that the current voting system used in the UK is both undemocratic and unrepresentative. UKIP gained 3.8 million votes nationally and only 1 seat in Parliament whilst the SNP gained 1.2 million votes and 56 seats. Is this representative? Is there an alternative so there are no more wasted votes- so that everyone has their voice heard? If we introduce a proportional system then the number of seats will directly translate to the number of votes. This would likely increase the overall turnout of the election as some people who usually see their vote as a ‘wasted vote’ will now have a stronger say in who gets elected into Parliament. Also in Proportional Representation a voter simply votes for a party rather than a specific candidate and ‘safe seats’ will become extinct.

However, if we change the system then we will not have as much of a strong link between an MP and their constituents. If someone has a problem then they may be unsure which MP to contact if a proportional system is used as many MPs will be responsible for issues within a much larger area (eg. there may be around 7 MPs for Merseyside.) Also, the First Past The Post system is straightforward and easy to count. Simply, the candidate with the most votes in that constituency wins the seat.

But what do you think? Are you happy with the current First Past The Post system or would you like to see the system change to a proportional system or even a completely different system? Have your say in the poll below:

Voting system


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