POLL: ‘Terrorist Sympathisers’ – was David Cameron right?

Today MPs will debate and vote on whether or not the UK should use air-strikes on Syria to try and defeat ISIS. However, the strikes will cause deaths to many innocent civilians. Yesterday David Cameron very controversially described those who are against air-strikes as “terrorist sympathisers.” But was the Prime Minister right to say this? Have your say in the poll below:



12 thoughts on “POLL: ‘Terrorist Sympathisers’ – was David Cameron right?

  1. Shows the kind of dick (sorry but it about sums him up) he is. He thinks he’s always right and no one should ever question him. Its like saying anyone who didn’t vote Tory is bad. We live in a democracy and shouldn’t go brandishing false accusations.

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    1. We live in a 2 party democracy.That democracy allowed a minority government with only 24% of the votes cast to take power. Given that 76% of the votes cast did not want Tory/Cameron, then by Cameron’s logic – the country does not want Tories in power and he does not have the right to think differently from 76% of the country. In this poll alone. 97.12% of the people taking part are terrorist sympathisers and we apparently are all anti-Britain. His logic doesn’t serve him that well, if the reason 97% of the country is anti-Britain it would be because of Cameron and his party.


  2. I want ISIS wiped off every map but bombing Syria up to now has only increased the flow of refugees and helped recruitment for ISIS. More bombs means more destruction of houses, hospitals, schools and infrastructure and this will mean more people leaving Syria. Over the last year of US bombing the number of Syrian refugees has rocketed from about 2.7 million to over 4 million.

    Bombing Syria will kill civilians no matter how careful they claim to be and encourage people into supporting ISIS as is already happening since the US started bombing.

    Apparently reminding people this makes you a terrorist sympathiser according to David Cameron.


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