UPDATE: Happy New Year

A big happy new year to all my followers!


Apologies for not blogging as much recently, I have had lots of college work to complete but I should be back to posting interviews as normal very soon.

I am still very open to taking suggestions for political figures I should interview. Let me know via the ‘contact’ page on my blog or alternatively you can tweet me @johnreyno42 🙂

Next month I am going to be meeting and interviewing a Liverpool Labour MP so any question suggestions for that would be brilliant if you have any. Look out for the video which should be coming out next month!

As you may be aware, I have recently started blogging for the Huffington Post Young Voices. Here’s the link to my first article, I should have many more featuring on the site very soon: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/john-reynolds/young-people-in-politics_b_8760326.html

And finally, a tribute to one of my inspirations, David Bowie, who sadly passed away on Sunday.

David Bowie was someone who taught us all that it was okay to be different and not to follow the crowd. From Starman to Space Oddity, Life on Mars to Ziggy Stardust, I was gratified by his music and he will be very sadly missed.



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