POLL: Should Britain leave the EU?

In my first poll of the year I ask, if the referendum was held tomorrow, whether Britain should remain in or leave the European Union. Have your say in the poll below:

Pros (Reasons for remaining in the EU):

  • Millions of jobs are created
  • Some of Britain’s biggest trading partners are in the EU
  • It’s easier to work and travel abroad
  • European Health Insurance Card gives free healthcare to Britons who visit other countries within the EU

Cons (Reasons for leaving the EU):

  • Britain will be able to fully control its borders
  • Save money from not paying the membership fee
  • Britain will be able to create many more of its own laws
  • The European Commission which proposes legislation is not elected



12 thoughts on “POLL: Should Britain leave the EU?

  1. The Common Market free trade agreement we were told we were voting for with no loss of sovereignty in 1975 now has;
    A federal state with a parliament
    A criminal justice system
    A fledgling armed force
    An executive commission
    A federal police force
    Law making powers
    A diplomatic agency
    A federal prosecutor
    A supreme court
    A civil service
    A currency
    An anthem
    A president
    A flag

    Westminster has;
    Queens speech to announce proposed legislation
    Loyal opposition
    Elected MP’s enact legislation
    Not bound by previous parliaments

    The EU has;
    No manifestos
    No equivalent to a queen’s speech to announce proposed legislation
    It is a one party state
    The unelected commission creates the laws
    It is now the highest court in our land

    If we vote to remain then this is what’s planned for us
    1) Our complete assimilation into the German dominated EU superstate
    2) Our country being split into 9 regions directly answerable to a Brussels
    3) Our country being forced to join the failing EU common currency experiment in 2020
    4) Endless flow of migrants we don’t have the homes or infrastructure for

    If this isn’t anti democratic creeping federalisation then I don’t know what it. 50 years of LibLabCon betrayal > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyBr9RNx4k0

    The British people must vote to leave the EU or lose what is left of their country


  2. 2/3rds to leave??? This is insane. Of the four points listed above, only the last has any validity & that can only be fixed if we remain members. The other 3 are bogus. We would still have to pay subs (e.g. Norway does), our laws will still be restricyed by the EU or we won’t be able to trade with them & we control our borders now, as we are not in Schengen.


  3. One of the pros missed is that under the social charter a lot of workers rights are protected. Businesses say these are too expensive and want to get rid of them. The easiest way is to leave the EU. These protections include:

    (1) improvement, in particular, of the working environment to protect workers’ health and safety;
    (2) working conditions;
    (3) social security and social protection of workers;
    (4) protection of workers where their employment contract is terminated;
    (5) the information and consultation of workers;
    (6) representation and collective defence of the interests of workers and employers, including co-determination;
    (7) equality between men and women with regard to labour market opportunities and treatment at work.

    7 European Union directives now cover the following areas of general employment protection law:
    (1) the employees’ right to information as to their contractual terms of employment;
    (2) the information and consultation of employees to promote social dialogue between management and labour
    (3) the rights of workers to rest breaks, rest periods and paid annual leave, with specific provision in relation to workers in the road transport sector
    (4) the protection of young people at work
    (5) the right to parental leave on the birth or adoption of a child
    (6) the rights of part-time workers


  4. You’re looking at the end of the United Kingdom if we leave Europe. We would be forcing Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland out of the EU, which would force Scotland to divorce the UK and run as its own country. We’d lose our whole banking system. Europe would not want the centre of Europe’s financial district outside of the EU. Most banking jobs would move to France or possibly Ireland. We already have control of our own borders, but the UK French based passport control would move to Dover. New trade deals with the UK would not be Europe’s priority and would take years to set back up and would not be as good as now – Europe would treat us with contempt. This would be a very messy divorce indeed.


  5. You might care to mention that the health card only means any healthcare we (might possibly) receive “free” in EU countries is charged back to UK. It has also been found that EU workers are getting British health cards and charging treatment in their own countries back to us.
    However, we don’t always get free healthcare at the point of use in those other countries. In France I had to pay the GP and prescription charge and had to claim it back on return home to UK.
    Millions of jobs may be created (you should point out which jobs they are) but most of them here aren’t going to British people since free movement allows EU nationals to come and take them at a lower wage. It is not so easy for Brits to work in, say, Eastern Europe because the pay is lower there and our people couldn’t afford to live and send money back here to their families. There is also the problem of language. Other countries don’t supply paperwork in 30 other languages for migrant workers.


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