Race to the White House #1

I’ve decided to start covering the U.S Presidential election, by interviewing ordinary Americans about why they are supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

In this first interview, I asked a Trump supporter why he is backing Mr Trump, and how he will ‘Make America Great Again.’

Why are you backing Donald Trump for president?

I am backing trump, reason being, I’m sick and tired of watching our current president, kill our jobs, allow our American citizens get slaughtered by terrorists

Would you say you agree with all of Trump’s policies and views?

I would agree with ALL

"Jerry Seinfeld and I were great friends back in the day. We were on the same little league baseball team."

Are you happy with the way mainstream media represents Trump’s views and policies?

Mainstream media is corrupt as hell, needs fixed. They always spin his words negatively.

What does Trump mean by ‘Make America Great Again’? What will he do and how will he do it?

Make America Great Again, means, we are going to be put in the GREEN when it comes to making money as a country. We are no longer going to cater to ILLEGALS. American people want their country back.

Do you think Trump has gained so much support mainly because he is an anti-establishment figure?

He has gained all the support because 1, he speaks his mind. 2. Anti establishment. 3. Is the guy that makes you want to better yourself in today’s society.


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