Race to the White House #3

Having interviewed two Trump supporters so far, I decided to ask a Bernie Sanders supporter some questions about why she is backing him. Bernie has fewer Democratic delegates than Hillary, but there is still an unlikely chance that he can win and become the nominee.

Why are you supporting Bernie for President?

Bernie Sanders sparked something in me. I went my entire adult life never voting, until this year at age 57. I just couldn’t get behind any other candidate. Then came Bernie. I agree with his entire platform but the main policies are about healthcare and income and wealth inequality. The middle class is disappearing as all the money is funneled to the top. The gap between the very rich and everyone else is wider than at any time since the 1920s

What are Bernie’s best policies that appeal to you?

Number 1 is Universal Healthcare. Number 2 is raising the minimum wage. Number 3 is making college affordable for all, regardless of income. Number 4 is ending fracking and climate change. Last, but certainly not least, number 5, getting big money out of politics and restoring Democracy. I could go on all day but these are my top reasons.

Why do you think so many young people are attracted to Bernie and his policies?

I can’t speak for the young of this country, having never registered to vote until this year..but my guess would be that he speaks on the issues that matter the most to everyone in the lower and middle classes of America. We have all been feeling the struggle for years, and the young have felt it their entire lives. I’m sure they are just as sick of the inequality as the rest of us.

Do you think Bernie is more likely to beat Trump than Hillary is?

Yes, I really do. He is polling better than Hillary and has done so consistently during the political primaries.

Will you vote for Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic nominee?

No, I cannot vote for anyone in politics who lies to the American people about key issues facing us all today. She is with the rich and powerful and we are but mere peasants in her view. She is against raising the minimum wage to an comfortable rate for all, but yet she takes in many thousands of dollars for one speech to Goldman-Sachs, for which she is yet to release the transcripts. My hope remains that she will be indicted on her email scandal.


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