Race to the White House #5

I’ve interviewed another Bernie Sanders supporter, and I’m keen to find out why she backs him for President.

Why are you backing Bernie for President?

Because my nation and our world are at a critical point of paradigm shift. Small incremental changes are no longer acceptable re: Climate change; our economy; societal health and well-being; the haves and have nots; government representation; racial, sexual, and religious persecution; buying & rigging of elections, unjust laws and wars.

If Bernie became President, what would you like him to achieve?

First and foremost, address immediately Climate Change. This affects the entire planet and is at a critical point of no return. It will result in the migration of millions of people and causes friction between societies. We can no longer postpone going green and stop pushing carbon into the atmosphere! Secondly, we must fix our political system… how it is financed, voter disenfranchisement or disqualification, and not being able to count ballots. Our political system is corrupt. Good grief…we go around the world and pompously judge other countries’ elections and we can’t conduct a fair election in our own country! Third, our citizens need help… wages have been stagnant or jobs sent overseas. The cost of living keeps rising. Most of us are living pay check to pay check and are one pay check away from disaster. We are tired, angry, and feel abused and unsupported by our own government. We need single payer healthcare and free public college for the betterment of our people and my nation.

Does Bernie come across as an anti-establishment figure?

To me, no… He represents democracy! He represents what the Democratic Party used to represent.

Why are so many people in America worried about a socialist becoming the President?

The younger generation doesn’t have a problem… it’s the older generation that equates socialism with communism. We have the same problem with race relations. Until the older generation is gone that holds so much hate for the past days of slavery, we can’t move forward. It is important to remember history so that it is not repeated but it is important to look at it and take action to move on and heal!

What is your opinion of Donald Trump?

I am embarrassed and humiliated at his speech, behavior, and opinions. He is dangerous for my nation and this world.


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