Race To The White House #6

With the U.S. Presidential Election less than a month away, I decided to revisit my series of interviewing American supporters of Trump and Clinton to help us Brits understand why these candidates have so many supporters. Here’s my interview with an American Donald Trump supporter from Twitter (@myGianLuca)

The following answers are their exact words as typed to me, and these views do not reflect or represent my own.

Why are you supporting Donald Trump for President?

I support Trump because he’s a Truth Warrior. He tells it like it is (really is!)… Not backed by self-interested Agenda-driven Donors who want to OWN a Candidate who would ultimately Sell them Access to WH Decision-Making. Trump is ANTI-DC Establishent of Old Guard ‘Pay-to-Play’ syndrome… that is, “We give you $$$$ for your Campaign, but ONCE YOU WIN, You Give us (fill in the blank).<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=https://mobile.twitter.com/i/nojs_router?path=%2F”>


Do you feel that Donald Trump can appeal to working/middle class Americans?


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