POLL: Are you glad that Iain Duncan Smith resigned?

On Friday the Secretary for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, resigned from his role. But are you glad that he resigned? Have your say in the poll below:



POLL: The Monarchy – Keep it or scrap it?

My next poll asks whether Britain should keep or scrap the monarchy. Read the pros and cons and then have your say in the comments below:

Pros (Reasons for keeping the monarchy):

  • It makes Britain different from other countries by having a monarch
  • It has been a tradition for hundreds of years
  • It brings in money from tourism
  • The monarch is only for decoration and a de jure head of state
  • The Royals are patrons of some charities
  • It costs about 50p per person per year

Cons (Reasons for scrapping the monarchy):

  • The monarch is an undemocratic and unelected head of state born into power
  • The Royal Family gain £300m from the tax payer every year
  • Britain will always be unique for its history even without the monarchy
  • Millions of British people will never have the chance to become the head of state
  • Britain would still gain money from tourism (Paris gains more money than London which doesn’t have a monarch. Also, Chester Zoo brings in more money than Windsor Castle)
  • The Royal family do not represent the beliefs and values of ordinary British people


POLL: Should Britain leave the EU?

In my first poll of the year I ask, if the referendum was held tomorrow, whether Britain should remain in or leave the European Union. Have your say in the poll below:

Pros (Reasons for remaining in the EU):

  • Millions of jobs are created
  • Some of Britain’s biggest trading partners are in the EU
  • It’s easier to work and travel abroad
  • European Health Insurance Card gives free healthcare to Britons who visit other countries within the EU

Cons (Reasons for leaving the EU):

  • Britain will be able to fully control its borders
  • Save money from not paying the membership fee
  • Britain will be able to create many more of its own laws
  • The European Commission which proposes legislation is not elected


POLL: Should Donald Trump be disqualified from the Presidential race for his comments?

Yesterday, US. Presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he would “ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.” Mr Trump has said some very controversial things during his campaign such as claiming that people wouldn’t vote for the female Republican candidate because of her looks. But should Mr Trump be disqualified from the Presidential race because of these comments, as well as comments he has made since his campaign started? Have your say in the poll below:

donald trump

POLL: ‘Terrorist Sympathisers’ – was David Cameron right?

Today MPs will debate and vote on whether or not the UK should use air-strikes on Syria to try and defeat ISIS. However, the strikes will cause deaths to many innocent civilians. Yesterday David Cameron very controversially described those who are against air-strikes as “terrorist sympathisers.” But was the Prime Minister right to say this? Have your say in the poll below:


POLL: Does the UK voting system need reforming?

There is strong evidence to show that the current voting system used in the UK is both undemocratic and unrepresentative. UKIP gained 3.8 million votes nationally and only 1 seat in Parliament whilst the SNP gained 1.2 million votes and 56 seats. Is this representative? Is there an alternative so there are no more wasted votes- so that everyone has their voice heard? If we introduce a proportional system then the number of seats will directly translate to the number of votes. This would likely increase the overall turnout of the election as some people who usually see their vote as a ‘wasted vote’ will now have a stronger say in who gets elected into Parliament. Also in Proportional Representation a voter simply votes for a party rather than a specific candidate and ‘safe seats’ will become extinct.

However, if we change the system then we will not have as much of a strong link between an MP and their constituents. If someone has a problem then they may be unsure which MP to contact if a proportional system is used as many MPs will be responsible for issues within a much larger area (eg. there may be around 7 MPs for Merseyside.) Also, the First Past The Post system is straightforward and easy to count. Simply, the candidate with the most votes in that constituency wins the seat.

But what do you think? Are you happy with the current First Past The Post system or would you like to see the system change to a proportional system or even a completely different system? Have your say in the poll below:

Voting system

POLL: Should the UK use military action on ISIS?

It’s been the main news story for a while now, but should the UK join other countries like France in taking military action to tackle terrorism, or is violence not the answer? Have your say on the poll below: