This page will be full of fun little things such as political videos, funny photos with captions. I will keep adding new content so remember to keep checking the page for new stuff!

Funny Political Videos

Here’s a selection of my favourite funny political videos. I hope you enjoy!

  • Donald Trump is Meat loaf: Pratt Out Of Hell – Newzoids
  • Donald Trump invites baby onto stage
  • Obama roasts Donald Trump at the White House
  • ‘Newzoids Election Song’

This song was broadcast in the episode of Newzoids the night before the election. It is a parody of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Shake It Off.’ I have interviewed a couple of the politicians in that video! (Including Leanne Wood, Vince Cable, Yvette Cooper and Boris Johnson)

  • ‘I’m Just An Ordinary Bloke’ by Nigel Farage (Newzoids)

This is a fantastic song written by the brilliant Pete Sinclair (see my interview with him here.) The song is basically about Nigel Farage explaining how he is just an ordinary bloke!

  • ‘The Scottish Referendum Megamix’

This video was used by Sky to advertise the coverage of the Scottish Referendum which happened in late 2014. This video features remixes of Alex Salmond, Alistair Darling and David Cameron

  • ‘Forgetting Ed Miliband’

During the election campaign, comedian Russell Brand invited the Labour leader Ed Miliband to his house to be interviewed. Russell Brand had said for years that “voting is a waste of time” but it became a shock when he publicly told all his fans to vote for Labour. Unfortunately this didn’t have an effect on the overall election result. This video is a parody of the trailer of one of Russell Brand’s films ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ in where Russell must forget about Ed Miliband. Very funny!

  • ‘David Cameron does the Spidey Stunt’

This video is a parody of David Cameron after he had won the election. If you do not get the football reference, David Cameron said in a speech that he’d “rather you supported West Ham.” In previous interviews, Mr Cameron had claimed to be an Aston Villa fan. Is it possible to forget which party you support?

  • ‘Change the Tune’ – Green Party 2015 Election Broadcast

Here is The Green Party’s official 2015 General Election party political broadcast. It went viral- see why!

  • ‘Two Robots & A Nigel Farage’

Usually political debates can be boring to most people. Here is a great remix which was made to liven it up (a lot!)

  • Newzoids Boris Johnson song

This song is sung by the amazing Jon Culshaw (who went to my primary and secondary schools!) and is a fantastic impressionist

  • Cassetteboy’s ‘David Cameron Conference Rap’

Cassetteboy created this video for a bit of fun and it became very popular

  • ‘Gordon Brown & Al Gore Enter The Wrong Room’

This video does what is says on the tin!

  • Newzoids SNP song- 500 Seats

This is a parody of “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers. Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond sing about how the SNP thought they had control over who would win the electiton.


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