The Parties

Here is an overview of each of the main parties that will be featuring on my blog! You can read about ‘political positions’ here:

The Labour Party

Leader: Jeremy Corbyn

Founded: 1900

What do they care about?: A fair and equal society, the NHS, social justice and anti-austerity

Political Position: Centre-leftlabour loho

Number of members:  680,000

Number of Seats: 262

The Conservative Party

Leader: Theresa May

Founded: 1834

What do they care about?: Having a strong economy with lower taxes

Political Position: Centre-righttory logo

Number of members: 149,000

Number of Seats: 316

The Scottish National Party (SNP)

Leader: Nicola Sturgeon

Founded: 1934

What do they care about?: Greater power for Scotland

Political Position: Centre-leftsnp logo

Number of members: 120,000

Number of Seats: 35

The Liberal Democrats

Leader: Vince Cable

Founded: 1988

What do they care about?: Liberal views with a balance of right-wing & left-wing ideas and electoral reform

Political Position: CentreLib Dem logo

Number of members: 78,000

Number of Seats: 12

The UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Leader: Steve Crowther (acting)

Founded: 1993

What do they care about?: Leaving the EU and tighter controls on immigration

Political Position: Right-wingukip logo

Number of members: 39,000

Number of Seats: 0

The Green Party

Leaders: Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley

Founded: 1990

What do they care about?: Protecting the environment and electoral reform

Political Position: Left wing/centre-leftGreen Party logo

Number of members: 53,000

Number of Seats: 1

Plaid Cymru (The Party of Wales)

Leader: Leanne Wood

Founded: 1925

What do they care about?: Greater power for Wales and an end to austerity

Political Position: Left wingplaid cymru logo

Number of members: 8,000

Number of Seats: 4


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