Race To The White House #6

With the U.S. Presidential Election less than a month away, I decided to revisit my series of interviewing American supporters of Trump and Clinton to help us Brits understand why these candidates have so many supporters. Here’s my interview with an American Donald Trump supporter from Twitter (@myGianLuca)

The following answers are their exact words as typed to me, and these views do not reflect or represent my own.

Why are you supporting Donald Trump for President?

I support Trump because he’s a Truth Warrior. He tells it like it is (really is!)… Not backed by self-interested Agenda-driven Donors who want to OWN a Candidate who would ultimately Sell them Access to WH Decision-Making. Trump is ANTI-DC Establishent of Old Guard ‘Pay-to-Play’ syndrome… that is, “We give you $$$$ for your Campaign, but ONCE YOU WIN, You Give us (fill in the blank).<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=https://mobile.twitter.com/i/nojs_router?path=%2F”>


Do you feel that Donald Trump can appeal to working/middle class Americans?


Race to the White House #5

I’ve interviewed another Bernie Sanders supporter, and I’m keen to find out why she backs him for President.

Why are you backing Bernie for President?

Because my nation and our world are at a critical point of paradigm shift. Small incremental changes are no longer acceptable re: Climate change; our economy; societal health and well-being; the haves and have nots; government representation; racial, sexual, and religious persecution; buying & rigging of elections, unjust laws and wars.

If Bernie became President, what would you like him to achieve?

First and foremost, address immediately Climate Change. This affects the entire planet and is at a critical point of no return. It will result in the migration of millions of people and causes friction between societies. We can no longer postpone going green and stop pushing carbon into the atmosphere! Secondly, we must fix our political system… how it is financed, voter disenfranchisement or disqualification, and not being able to count ballots. Our political system is corrupt. Good grief…we go around the world and pompously judge other countries’ elections and we can’t conduct a fair election in our own country! Third, our citizens need help… wages have been stagnant or jobs sent overseas. The cost of living keeps rising. Most of us are living pay check to pay check and are one pay check away from disaster. We are tired, angry, and feel abused and unsupported by our own government. We need single payer healthcare and free public college for the betterment of our people and my nation.

Does Bernie come across as an anti-establishment figure?

To me, no… He represents democracy! He represents what the Democratic Party used to represent.

Why are so many people in America worried about a socialist becoming the President?

The younger generation doesn’t have a problem… it’s the older generation that equates socialism with communism. We have the same problem with race relations. Until the older generation is gone that holds so much hate for the past days of slavery, we can’t move forward. It is important to remember history so that it is not repeated but it is important to look at it and take action to move on and heal!

What is your opinion of Donald Trump?

I am embarrassed and humiliated at his speech, behavior, and opinions. He is dangerous for my nation and this world.

Race to the White House #4

In the fourth episode of Race to the White House, I decided to ask another Trump supporter why they are backing Donald Trump for President.

Why are you supporting Donald Trump?

I support Trump first and foremost because I truly 100% believe that he is in this to fight for the American people and give us back our country. We have for much too long been taken advantage by the political dynasties and elites of the United States. Donald J Trump is unafraid to admit what is wrong with our country and fight for American families! On top of that he is willing to bring more dollars back to American workers through tax breaks along with jobs back to our soil through taxation of companies leaving for oversees. For the first time in my short time of being able to vote for candidates I truly believe in what one is finally saying and I believe in who I am voting for!

What’s your opinion of some of the discrimination and attitudes towards protesters at Trump rallies across the country?

I feel as though the discrimination at the Trump rallies are not towards him it is merely a platform for thug like uneducated individuals to get global attention. I also believe that many of them are paid by the radical left. The left claims to be pure but have been proven many times to be dishonest as they come. I believe we have a divide in this country we have never had before and I personally blame that on the current President we have. While we should be making history with an African American President we have instead been transported back decades to the 1960’s where blacks and whites again see color on one another’s skin. As far as Mexican’s and other cultures being offended by him it is too bad. If you want to be here fine but come legally. Those are who we also see in the street and they are making his point smashing police cars being violent we have no place for that here.

Do you agree with Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and do you think this can be achieved?

I 100% agree with him building the wall we must stop illegals and drugs being brought into our country. As you can see from the protesters as addressed in the above question many not all are creating violence. No one is saying no one can come to America and be free we are saying come here and do it right follow the rules. The wall will go up and Mexico will pay for it whether that is directly or indirectly. When they are not freely crossing our borders believe Trump they will pay.

Why do you think Trump is appealing to so many working and middle class voters?

Trump is easily appealing to the middle class because they have been wiped out the middle class no longer exist. The middle class of America is what has made this country great and is what has made this country thrive. Without we have become poor in manufacturing, and many other industries. Trump has promised and WE BELIEVE unlike the elite that he will bring our jobs back. They will no longer leave or sit over in other countries. America will once again see a middle class and because of this America will once again have a thriving economy!

What do you think Trump will achieve in power?

In power Trump will achieve amazing things. I think we will see debt go down tremadously. I am not sure that anyone can eliminate what the left has done completely but I believe he will put a dent in it by trillions. I believe our foreign relationships will be stronger. We will have American jobs back in America. American families will thrive again, and incomes will increase! Children will have bright futures and jobs when they graduate! I would also like to very much highlight that women will have many more opportunities in a Trump Presidency than they ever will under Clinton.

What would the UK/US special relationship be like under Trump?

I believe that under Trump the UK/US will have a great relationship. I believe that many can see after the Brexit Trump appreciates the British and their great accomplishments. Under the current Administration with Obama he has been very upfront in saying that Britain will take a backseat in trade deals. I would see the UK/US with Trump being one of the strongest ally relationships we could see in modern history. Trump’s hope seems to be that American people are brave like the British people to claim our country back come November!

Race to the White House #3

Having interviewed two Trump supporters so far, I decided to ask a Bernie Sanders supporter some questions about why she is backing him. Bernie has fewer Democratic delegates than Hillary, but there is still an unlikely chance that he can win and become the nominee.

Why are you supporting Bernie for President?

Bernie Sanders sparked something in me. I went my entire adult life never voting, until this year at age 57. I just couldn’t get behind any other candidate. Then came Bernie. I agree with his entire platform but the main policies are about healthcare and income and wealth inequality. The middle class is disappearing as all the money is funneled to the top. The gap between the very rich and everyone else is wider than at any time since the 1920s

What are Bernie’s best policies that appeal to you?

Number 1 is Universal Healthcare. Number 2 is raising the minimum wage. Number 3 is making college affordable for all, regardless of income. Number 4 is ending fracking and climate change. Last, but certainly not least, number 5, getting big money out of politics and restoring Democracy. I could go on all day but these are my top reasons.

Why do you think so many young people are attracted to Bernie and his policies?

I can’t speak for the young of this country, having never registered to vote until this year..but my guess would be that he speaks on the issues that matter the most to everyone in the lower and middle classes of America. We have all been feeling the struggle for years, and the young have felt it their entire lives. I’m sure they are just as sick of the inequality as the rest of us.

Do you think Bernie is more likely to beat Trump than Hillary is?

Yes, I really do. He is polling better than Hillary and has done so consistently during the political primaries.

Will you vote for Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic nominee?

No, I cannot vote for anyone in politics who lies to the American people about key issues facing us all today. She is with the rich and powerful and we are but mere peasants in her view. She is against raising the minimum wage to an comfortable rate for all, but yet she takes in many thousands of dollars for one speech to Goldman-Sachs, for which she is yet to release the transcripts. My hope remains that she will be indicted on her email scandal.

Race to the White House #2

In the second part of my series of interviews with Hillary and Trump supporters, I asked another Trump supporter some questions about why she prefers Trump to the other candidates.

Why do you support Donald Trump for US President?

Because he will be a strong leader and he will stand up for our Country

What’s your opinion of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?

Hillary is dishonest and did not stand behind our people in Libya and Bernie ain’t no better


How much does it matter that Trump has no political experience?

It doesn’t matter at all

Are you in favour of the wall being built between the US and Mexico?

Yes I am

Why do you think the establishment are so keen to stop Trump becoming President?

Because Washington is scared of him because he knows how much it is corrupt


Race to the White House #1

I’ve decided to start covering the U.S Presidential election, by interviewing ordinary Americans about why they are supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

In this first interview, I asked a Trump supporter why he is backing Mr Trump, and how he will ‘Make America Great Again.’

Why are you backing Donald Trump for president?

I am backing trump, reason being, I’m sick and tired of watching our current president, kill our jobs, allow our American citizens get slaughtered by terrorists

Would you say you agree with all of Trump’s policies and views?

I would agree with ALL

"Jerry Seinfeld and I were great friends back in the day. We were on the same little league baseball team."

Are you happy with the way mainstream media represents Trump’s views and policies?

Mainstream media is corrupt as hell, needs fixed. They always spin his words negatively.

What does Trump mean by ‘Make America Great Again’? What will he do and how will he do it?

Make America Great Again, means, we are going to be put in the GREEN when it comes to making money as a country. We are no longer going to cater to ILLEGALS. American people want their country back.

Do you think Trump has gained so much support mainly because he is an anti-establishment figure?

He has gained all the support because 1, he speaks his mind. 2. Anti establishment. 3. Is the guy that makes you want to better yourself in today’s society.